Day 15- your dreams

I’ve been kind of dreading this one because I feel like my dreams have died. I’m so stuck in my life right now it doesn’t seem like I’m going to dig myself out and live any of those dreams.

I dream of moving north. I always think of Maine because it seems so peaceful (in pictures anyway). I’d want to have a little bungalow or cottage, and own a local yarn shop. I’d kind of like to live in a quiet town where you know your neighbors and the manager of the local grocery store.

I want to travel. Going to Paris is a huge dream I’ve always had. I’d want days and days (maybe months) to explore. I’d take pictures of the Eiffel Tower from any spot where I could see it. I adore the Eiffel Tower. I feel some connection to it. Maybe I was one of the builders in a past life, or someone who met the love of their life there.

I would like to meet a great guy and settle down with him. At this point in my life I don’t think I’m in any shape to have another child, and by the time I meet a guy I definitely won’t be. So we’d just be each others companions. So will my cats-maximum of two.

I suppose I should have grander, farther reaching dreams, like world peace and a clean atmosphere and earth, but I’m just one person. People by nature are self serving, so I want things for myself. Sorry if you don’t like my attitude there.


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