Day 14- your childhood

I was an Air Force brat who had the unusual experience of settling some roots for most of my childhood.

I was born in Orlando, moved to Riverside, CA when I was 3 1/2 months old. My memories from there range from the sound of the nearby race track, to New Years eve with my parents and grandparents, and our cat Smitten, who had several kittens. This was when I was 3 1/2 years old. We were about to leave Riverside, and my mom explained to me how we had to pack everything we wanted to take. I packed the kittens.

From ages 3 1/2 to 7 I lived here in Florida with my mom and Grandparents. My dad was stationed in Germany at the time, and the family housing had a waiting list, so my mom and I didn’t spend much time in Germany (all I remember is the pattern of the carpet and following the maid around while carrying my stuffed Kermit).

Florida was good. I wasn’t old enough to know the weather sucked. I just knew I had a swimming pool, a swing set, and two orange trees in my backyard. I made my first friend here, his name is Warren. He has two younger brothers and I remember his mother being pregnant with both of them. They’re grown men now. Anyway, Warren was weird, like all boys. He wore superhero costumes. and pulled down his pants. He had to stay at school all day, while I went to a different school and had half days.  I would go to his house to wait for him, and clean his room while I waited.

I went to a tiny private school called SuperSchool (I kid you not). I had a lot of friends there. Its also where I picked up violin and piano. I was also a ballerina at this point in life. I was full of ambition and did everything I did well. I went there for kindergarden and first grade. Then my dad came back from Germany and it was time to move to Alabama.

Montgomery was such a new place to me. The violin, piano, and ballet all stopped there. I think that might have been when my depression started. We lived on the base, and I went to the base elementary school. There was a lot of stuff within walking distance, like the library, the movie theater, the bowling ally, and two playgrounds. I spent  lot of time in that library. I was a voracious reader, and a very quiet child.We got two cats and I named them Mousie and Sunshine. They both lived until I was in my early twenties.

I made friends around the neighborhood and at school. My first best friend was Amy. I used to meet her half way to school and walk the rest of the way with her. I was so terrified walking to school at first, but she made everything better. I had some of the best teachers in my life at that elementary school.

At some point they opened a skating rink and a youth center-both within walking distance. Friday nights became skate nights every week no change. My friend Carlie and I would try to dress alike and would spend the evening gushing about this cute older boy named Shane. We also spent a lot of time with Lisa, Michelle, Shane, and Spud. I have no idea where they are now, except for Carlie. She found me on facebook. One of my other elementary school friends lives in Orlando, and I’m friends with him on facebook. I’d kinda like to get together.

After elementary school I moved on to that Christian school I mentioned in my beliefs posts. I had a small group of girlfriends there. I did enjoy going to football games and dances. Otherwise it sucked. Skating continued during this time, but was eventually abandoned for going to the mall with DeAnn on Friday nights, because most of my friends on base had moved away. People left the base frequently. It was a fluke we were there eight years.

After that we moved to Redlands, CA, and I pretty much consider that the end of my youth. I was 15, and two years later I would be pregnant. California definitely was an experience, though. One thing is for certain-I had a busy childhood.

early birds and worms

I’m not calling myself an early bird, I’m more like the bird who couldn’t sleep and stayed up all night. Now I’m tired and trying to decide whether to take a nap now and get to sleep tonight, or stay up and get some quiet work done around here. I’m sure I’d get the most done while its quiet and calm.

I really am getting too old for this crap. I used to be able to do it no problem. Now an all-nighter kills me. Even going to bed late screws me up entirely for the next day. I’ll have to drink enough caffeine that I’l be able to feel it pulsing through my veins.

I did find a lot of recipes that I’d like to try, though. That’s how I kept myself entertained. It was pretty useful too, since I have so much trouble planning out meals, especially when its the same thing over and over I tend to take advantage of “recipe boxes” on sights that have them. I was thinking though that it would be pretty nice if Apple made, like, iRecipes, so I could save them all there instead of hunting from site to site. That would make life so much easier.

Back later for my 30 day post.