Day 13- this week

Well that’s odd. It doesn’t ask about “your” week, its “this” week. When I think of “this” week, I think of the week ahead of me. That’s kind of harder to write about than last week. So I’ll write about both (stop moaning, people!).

This week, well, today is shot unless I clean my room tonight. Might do that while watching House and Lie to me. Hoarders requires my full attention though. I’ve been lazy all day. I do need to clean the house this week, starting tomorrow. Wednesday Zach and I have an appointment with our physical trainer at the gym on Wednesday. I also watch Criminal Minds on Wednesdays. Thursday, if I haven’t finished cleaning, I will. Zach has a three day weekend so he plans to play frisbee nd then go to the school football game on Thursday, then Friday he’s going to Halloween Horror Nights with friends, Friday means Supernatural so I’ll just settle with that for the day. Saturday might do some work in the garage and watch HGTV all evening. Sunday is laundry day.

Last week, I’ll start with Monday. Went to walmart and Publix with Zach. then we put up Halloween lights. I made ham and sun-dried tomato alfredo for dinner. Watched most of house, part of Lie to me, and Hoarders.

Tuesday, I don’t remember doing much, so I was probably on the computer most of the day. I did go outside for a while because the weather was beautiful. I made taco salad for dinner, and cut the hell out of my left thumb while chopping onions. Goofed off until bedtime, and then barely slept.

Wednesday Zach and I had an appointment with Steven, our trainer. Zach, however, was busy chopping down the back yard and pulling weeds, and preferred to stay and do that, so I went to the gym alone. I don’t think I’ve mentioned the pain problems I have been having with my hips, knees, and lower back. I’ve been rolling out of bed not being able to stand except with the assistance of furniture, then I hobble around. Wednesday had been one of those days, so instead of working legs as planned, we did back and biceps. Then at the end of the session he stretched me. Oh it was the most glorious stretch ever. We had ravioli for dinner, then Criminal Minds before another crap night of sleep.

Thursday was another didn’t do much day. Zach went out to play ultimate frisbee with the youth group he goes to, which is typical of a Thursday. I made Cassolet for dinner, because my parents like it. Turned off the computer earlier, and slept better.

Friday, went to walmart for prescriptions. Zach went to his school football game, and I don’t remember what I made for dinner. Watched Supernatural, which was awesome, as I’d believed it would be last Thursday.

Saturday and Sunday were complete lazy days, except I did do laundry on both days.

Ok, so maybe writing about the week ahead is good. That way I can say “I’m doing this on this day” and I’m stuck doing it. Much better motivator. Plus I don’t have to try to remember things. I know stuff got left out. It also made this into a longer blog.