Day 11-your siblings

I can’t answer this one. I have no siblings. I live the life of an only child. I did wish I had an older brother though. I imagined he would understand me and rescue my cat from trees for me.

Im surprised how much I’ve opened up on this blog. I’ve written, in the past 11 days, very freely. Things I don’t normally share. I don’t speak that openly on my feelings about religion. I don’t usually like to share that I’m clinically depressed. Folks reading this are privy to my many secrets. I’m sure I won’t let them all out, though.

I got a new point and shoot camera today, and I’m actually going to have to read the instructions to figure out how things work. I got it, like many others, because I’m not as likely to drag out my dSLR and take it with me places. Hopefully there will be more photographs in this blog. I know people like things to look at besides text.

Also, I’m looking for some more blogs to read and link up with. If you have one, please let me know!

I hope you all have a fine fall evening!

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