Day 10 -what you wore today

Well this is pretty simple. You see that picture. That’s what I wore today. Am wearing, Wait, what?

I woke up in my pajamas of course. Cream colored pants with burgundy, yellow, purple and red starbursts on them, and a burgundy t-shirt. After a shower I put on my jeans and this long sleeved purple shirt.

Its not that its cold today, I wear jeans year round. As for the shirt, I’m cold (though its not cold) because I’m coming down with something. Wah wah.

I usually dress down. Jeans and t-shirts are my go to, but  am capable of taking it up a notch or two when needed (or if I feel like it). I love dresses and have several hanging wait in my closet. I like things that are vintage or look vintage. I have a nice little shoe collection that covers any possible dress up or dress down style. I have a weakness for heels, even though I don’t wear them well. And boots! I love boots! I have a pair of red ones even.

So there I’ve gone again giving too much information. I could have just said jeans and a long sleeve purple shirt and moved on, but what fun is there in that.

By the way, my little hit counter says people are dropping by every day. Please don’t play shy! Drop a comment, even just to say hello. I promise I don’t bite.

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