Day 7- your best friend

I really don’t go out a lot. Most of my friends around here have moved away or turned out to be flakes (I attract flakes like white on rice). When I think about the person I would call the closest thing I have to a best friend, we’ve never actually met face to face. Sure, I know what she looks like thanks to facebook and multimedia texts, and I know what she sounds like because we’ve talked on the phone. Still, she lives in Kentucky and I live in Florida. Her name is Melanie.

We “met” a number of years ago through LiveJournal. We liked a lot of the same things, as many relationships do. We started chatting on AIM, then through text message, and then on the phone. Or was it phone then text? Either way, I found it very easy to communicate with her. She would listen and understand, which I definitely needed, and still need. We both like to read, so we read the same books and discuss them sometimes. We both love Supernatural (Castiel FTW!) and discuss every episode. We’re cat people too, even if she has a spoiled puppy. Every time I go see Dashboard Confessional, I make concert calls to her. If they came to her, I’m sure she’d  call me.

So its not a conventional relationship, but it works. Isn’t that what matters?