Day 6-my day

My day. In a nutshell. Lets say its a pecan, for sake of argument. its widest at the middle and kinda long.

Woke up at 5am. Had cereal and orange juice, then went back to sleep.

Woke up again. Cleaned up cat puke. Got dressed, made the bed.

Opened my laptop and looked at the meal I planned for tonight. Made a face. Pulled up a few recipes online and completely changed menu plan.

Went, with Zach, to Walmart. Got two strands of orange lights and two yards of burlap. Exciting, no? Then we headed for the grocery. Our Publix was expanded and grand re-opened several months ago. I’ve been in there, oh, twice. Usually Zach goes and gets what we need for dinner. This time I got to go in and look. WOW. That place is big and shiny and has a lot of stuff. We were in the produce department and they had fingerling potatoes! That made me smile from ear to ear.

We came home well armed with food. Then the two of us put up the two strands of orange lights across the front of the house and an inflatable ghost in the front yard (yes, I’m one of those people).

Came in and relaxed a bit, then made ham and sun dried tomato alfredo. It was delish.

Watched House. Took a shower. Now I’m watching the end of Lie to Me before Hoarders comes on. After that I suppose I’ll watch a bit of news and then go to sleep.

How was your day?