day 3-your parents, in great detail

My parents. Some of this will probably make me sound like an selfish brat, but its all the truth, and I’m telling it to you because I care about them.

Judy and Bobby. I mentioned that my dad was in the Air Force, my mother was a housewife. My dad spent years 3-7 of my life away in Germany, and I only saw him on holidays, and I thought he was great. Then when we got transferred to Alabama, he became very distant from me. We still aren’t close to this day, and really only communicate when its necessary.

My mother, when I was growing up, was very protective, and preferred to do things for me than for me to do them myself, even if I was perfectly capable on my own. Things I NEEDED to be doing on my own and learning she wouldn’t let me do. She meant well, and I think was reacting to her childhood-my grandmother was a very social person, and not a clingy mother, so as a result, my mom was a clingy mother to me.

I remember when I was in girl scouts, she went through the handbook, picked every badge I was capable of earning, and practically earned them for me. She then neatly and dutifully sewed each patch proudly onto my sash.

When I was a a teenager, I didn’t have a curfew, and as long as my parents knew where I was, they were ok. They didn’t restrict my activities much, except for out od town concerts were always a big no.

My mom is diabetict, has high blood pressure, and PAD. She’s also end stage renal failure and on dialysis. She’s just a shell of a person that she once was. She let it happen. She never took care of herself. It makes me extremely angry that she did this to everyone.

My dad, well, not much good to be said of him. He’s an alcoholic and a smoker. He has been for the majority of his life. In 2008 he was diagonsed with stage 4 throat cancer that required a laryngectomy. Its a good thing he was never a big talker because now he cant talk at all. And yes, he continues to drink and smoke even though those were what gave him the cancer. He also didn’t follow through with radiation after the surgery, and abruptly quit going to the ENT for check-ups. He coughs through his stoma a lot, and let me tell you that is the most nerve wracking sound to hear so frequently.
I don’t trust my dad. He has anger in him, and occasionally will smack my mother, kick doors and throw things. Its been reported, by the way.

With my parents, I really feel like I’m just waiting for them both to die they’re in such bad shape. And its sad.

2 thoughts on “day 3-your parents, in great detail

  1. Reading this made me sad.

    I think I’m a lot like your mom, as far as being over-protective. There are a lot of things I’ve done for Jordan, rather than let him do them himself, and I know that’s not good. It’s just so hard to let go.


    1. I’ve been the same way with Zach on some things, but I’ve been aware to not hover too much because of my mom.
      I’ve certainly been spoiling him lately with this pre-empty nest stuff I’m going through.


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