30 day meme

This 30-day get to know you meme has shown up on my livejournal friends list. I thought it would be a perfect to do here. It gives me topics to post about, and you a chance to get to know the beast behind the blog a bit more. Plus its good writing practice for.

My name is Heather. I’m the ripe age of 35, stand about 5’1″, could stand to lose a few pounds. I have fake brown hair, blue/green eyes, and blue framed glasses.¬†nanowrimo

I grew up a military brat-my father was in the Air Force. I was born in Orlando, FL, and have lived in Alabama, California, and South Carolina as a drect result of the Air Force. I really liked South Carolina, but the town we were in didn’t have a Target, so I could never go back. I do dream about going back a lot, and to the exact same house, too. Always really weird dreams, too.

I have one 17-year-old monster boy named Zachary. He was born a week before my 18th birthday. I’ve been a single mom his entire life. My parents have been a huge help, though. I have an eight year old cat named Chloe. She was a rescue. We also have two old guinea pigs named Wicket and Peanut.

I currently live in the Orlando area. I hate the hea and do not ultimately see myself staying here.

I believe in the supernatural and love the TV show Supernatural. I have little faith in a lot of things. I’ve suffered from depression most of my life, and have lived the last 15 years medicated to keep myself moving forward. Its not all so sucessful. I try not to watch a lot of TV, keeping it down to House, Criminal Minds, and the aforementioned Supernatural. Oh, and Hoarders is my guilty, gross pleasure.

I like to knit, sleep, take pictures, read, tweet, and shop. I worry about money, my parents health, bugs, taking care of the house, and my son going away.

Simply, I’m complicated.

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