Day 2- your first love, in great detail

My first love, at my best guess, was a boy named Justin in my junior year of high school. I say by my best guess because, when I think back, he’s the one I wonder “what if” about.

I knew him from Scott’s parties, and sort of from school. Scott was everbodys hero (and the first person I knew that was online during its infancy). He was in college, had his own apartment and hosted parties often. He even supplied the wine coolers (we were so badass). Scott was having a party in honor of my 17th birthday one Saturday night. I remember a chorus of guys singing “Sit on my face” and then dropping their pants. I was having fun, but I’d dumped guy I’d been dating, Jacob, and was still a bit torn about it. Justin was there, and had been one of the guys to drop trow. I was flirting with him. I’d always thought he was cute, and he was being awfully nice to me that night. Before I left, Justin took my class ring and gave me his.

I had to talk it over with Scott the next day, because I lacked confidence and still didn’t really think I had a chance with Justin (I know, DUH, right?). After I talked to Scott, I got a call from Justin, and that put two and two together, with many giggles.

Justin was the first guy with long hair that I ever dated. Long, straight, thick, light brown hair. He had the greatest smile in the world and the most infectious giggle. He dressed in the typical lazy teenager style of early 1992-jeans and t-shirts, topped by maybe a flannel shirt and a jacket, though a jacket does stand out more when I think of him. Justin and I together were probably sickeningly adorable. We held hands a lot, and kissed a lot (he was such a good kisser). We liked the same music, had the same views on life just like every other teenage couple, and both smoked. Yes, we were adorable. One thing I do remember was comfort in silence. You don’t get that with everyone, especially when you’re an awkward teenager.

Justin wanted to be a chef, so one night he invited me to dinner at his house. He was cooking. I remember chicken, and for some reason gnocci stands out to be but I really am not sure if that’s what he served. I sat with his family, or at least his father, and enjoyed the meal he cooked. He was so proud, I was so proud. The food was good, though it needed seasoning. I was a good girfriend though and didn’t ask for anyone to pass the salt.

Eventually, Jacob-who would become the father of Zach, came back into the picture. He was jealous, no doubt, especially because of the way Justin and I were put together. For some reason I felt such a draw to him. I can’t even explain it today, except I know it was something toxic. I started spending time with him. Justin was right to be angry about that. He gave me a kind of “its him or me” ultimatum. I continued to spend time with Jacob, and that was the end of what was Justin and me.

I’m in sort of touch with him on facebook. He’s married now, still lives in California, and is a cook at a restaurant, from what I understand. He moved far on from me faster than I ever moved on from him, and that’s good. He seems happy. That’s the nice part, right?

30 day meme

This 30-day get to know you meme has shown up on my livejournal friends list. I thought it would be a perfect to do here. It gives me topics to post about, and you a chance to get to know the beast behind the blog a bit more. Plus its good writing practice for.

My name is Heather. I’m the ripe age of 35, stand about 5’1″, could stand to lose a few pounds. I have fake brown hair, blue/green eyes, and blue framed glasses.¬†nanowrimo

I grew up a military brat-my father was in the Air Force. I was born in Orlando, FL, and have lived in Alabama, California, and South Carolina as a drect result of the Air Force. I really liked South Carolina, but the town we were in didn’t have a Target, so I could never go back. I do dream about going back a lot, and to the exact same house, too. Always really weird dreams, too.

I have one 17-year-old monster boy named Zachary. He was born a week before my 18th birthday. I’ve been a single mom his entire life. My parents have been a huge help, though. I have an eight year old cat named Chloe. She was a rescue. We also have two old guinea pigs named Wicket and Peanut.

I currently live in the Orlando area. I hate the hea and do not ultimately see myself staying here.

I believe in the supernatural and love the TV show Supernatural. I have little faith in a lot of things. I’ve suffered from depression most of my life, and have lived the last 15 years medicated to keep myself moving forward. Its not all so sucessful. I try not to watch a lot of TV, keeping it down to House, Criminal Minds, and the aforementioned Supernatural. Oh, and Hoarders is my guilty, gross pleasure.

I like to knit, sleep, take pictures, read, tweet, and shop. I worry about money, my parents health, bugs, taking care of the house, and my son going away.

Simply, I’m complicated.

enter autumn

Hey guess what I got. I got a MacBook Pro! Maybe now I’ll post more often?

Life’s been busy. I’ve been cleaning out the garage, which I think I mentioned. Still not quite done, but I’ve made huge progress. Along with that, I painted the hallways-the front hall and the one that leads to the bedrooms. It looks a million and one times better. Working outside with my offspring to get the landscape under control before we rip it out and start over. The whole yard needs to be resodded. I think we’ll be hiring a professional for that.

I cant believe the holidays are creeping up on us already. I’ve started shopping for the offspring. I hope to get it done soon so I’m just over with it. ¬†Not shopping during the holidays is what makes the holidays pleasurable, right?