The haunted garage

I’ve been on a cleaning and sorting frenzy. Target:garage. It hasn’t been so oppressively hot lately so it’s been bearable working out there. I’ve donated a bunch of stuff already, have a bunch more to go. I would have a yard sale but frankly the thought of even setting one up scares me.

I’ve created a lit of space, so I’m imagining what I’ll use it for. There’s definitely stuff that can go out there. I just have to get plastic boxes in case we have another rat problem. Seriously, this is not a garage as much as a workbench/man space and giant dump-all space. It’s frightening. I’ve had to just toss stuff because of the rat problem we had.
Hopefully hough, it will soon be a workable storage area for the millions of Christmas decorations owned by my grandparents and mother.

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