wordpress for blackberry fail

I made a post several days ago via the WordPress app on my Blackberry. Apparently it didn’t take.

I’ve decided twitter is poison to people who write, people who like to journal their life happenings for others to criticize and laugh at. Half the time I don’t write complete sentences on twitter, something the grammar Nazi inside me should deeply and loudly oppose. One hundred and forty characters is often not enough to properly convey an emotion or to accurately portray a scenario that’s taken place. Instead, I end up posting things like this:

“I feel like grabbing a skein of Malabrigo and knitting up a simple cowl”

A simple thought, stated simply, and without regard to punctuation. That sucks. I mean, if I were blogging, I could have come and said:

“I have an urge to complete a simple yet useful product to heat up my knitting mojo. I should grab a skein of soft, luscious Malabrigo wool, clearly one of my favorite yarns to knit with. Its so soft as it glides through my fingers, it never splits, and the stitches always have the look of perfection. I know I have a skein of Orchid, a lovely lavender pink colorway. That would make a cowl worthy of wearing proudly, provided we have a chill this winter.” (knitting blog coming soon!)

Ok, so I don’t really write like that when I blog, but the point is, I could if I wanted to in a blog, but not on twitter. Will I remain addicted to twitter? Of course. short babble is easy to read, and you can follow short babble from a lot of people, as opposed to thoughtful blogs. Besides, Misha Collins is on twitter. That man alone should be enough to keep my ass writing short, improper sentences. Another thing I really like about twitter-you don’t have to think much. Its not hard to keep track, perfect for someone like me who can’t keep her brain on straight. It took me several minutes to think through the more detailed sentences about the cowl because I lose my train of thought if the sentence gets too complicated these days.

I used to write! I used to write with detail and vision. I know the ability is still there, its just hibernating in the corner of my mind because I’m so busy with twitter and its short character allowance.

July has been such a long month. I don’t know if its the heat, or that there has been so much going on this month. Whatever it is, July has been entirely too long.

At the beginning of the month my son and I went to the Coke Zero 400 at Daytona International Speedway. For those not familiar, its NASCAR’s Fourth of July weekend race, run at night under the lights. I’ve been before, I’ve actually been to several races and several tracks, but its been years since I’ve been to one. I’d forgotten how much fun it is to go, watch the people, watch the cars, yell at the drivers as if they can hear you. Its very a very primal kind of event, and clears your mind and emotions quite well. Of course, we didn’t get home until 4am, which really messed me up, but I think I would go again. Its nice to spend the time with my son, and the people watching is quite exceptional as well.

The rest of the month has been getting things fixed, getting rid of broken things, rushing to fit in everything. I’m not going to have anything left to do in August at this rate. Yeah, that’ll happen.

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