I keep forgetting

Every time I’m on the computer, I sit here and think, “Where should I go, what is there to do?” I guess I’m a bit jaded when it comes to the webisphere. I no longer hunt for things, or feel the need to sit here for endless hours. I’m sure a lot of that comes from the fact that I have a Blackberry that I use to access quick information, and twitter. Ironically, I even have a WordPresss on my phone.

Lets just suffice it to say, I’m lazy, not to mention not as smooth with the keyboard as I used to be (unless its tiny).

The garden is growing nicely, even if I have to water it by hand all the time, which gets a bit tedious, especially in the heat. Its nice to have something to do, and the yard really needs it. There is more planting to do, plus a lot of mulching. I wish I’d started in March, but the weather was still so off. My potted herbs are really thriving. I need to start using some of them.

Otherwise I’ve been playing catch-up. I’ve caught up on some movies (finally saw the sixth Harry Potter movie). Right now, I’ve been sucked into reading, going through nearly a book a day. I haven’t even been knitting I’m so busy with books. Things I want to do come in waves, making it sometimes hard to manage.

Now, off to the world beyond the computer.

One thought on “I keep forgetting

  1. I just got the Droid Incredible… And since it already had the little birdie app loaded, I finally joined twitter.

    I’m like you it’s all or nothing with my hobbies!


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