new year

The beginning of this year has been, well, emotionally rough. I had to talk my mother into going to a rehab facility so she can get physical therapy on a more intense basis than she could have at home. She needs to get her strength back up so she can stand up and move around. I’m not sure what exactly made her so weak. Maybe it was the swine flu, because she’s been going downhill since then. Plus, I’m pretty sure she had a small stroke back then.

I’ve been knitting to keep myself otherwise occupied. I’m working on a cabled scarf right now.
cozy cabled scarf The pattern is the Irish hiking scarf from Ravelry. It knits up beautifully. I had to do mine in green because, well, its IRISH, right? Plus, if I ever find myself hiking in Ireland, I might want to blend into the scenery. Even the yarn colorway is called “Irelande.”
Ok, that’s lame. Maybe I went overboard with the Irishness, but the name of the color of the yarn was a total coincidence. Really.

Its cold in Florida. We found a lizard, dead, frozen to the wall today-I am serious about that, actually. We just aren’t used to having this many nights at or below freezing and highs only in the 40’s. We’re supposed to get a “wintery mix” on Saturday with possible sleet and flurries. I don’t mind it so much, except having the heat running so much makes me feel dried out.

Christmas was fine, New Years eve was spent with a neighbor/the teenagers best friends parents house. I even managed to lose nearly 10 pounds over the holidays, which is amazing since I made and ate so many cookies. No complaints here.

One thought on “new year

  1. If you ever go hiking in Ireland take me with you!! That is my dream vacation ( well Ireland – not sure how much hiking, although they say the hills are “gentle”)

    We’re supposed to be getting a winter storm tonight. blech.


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