nurse heather, not.

Seriously, over the past year especially, I’ve been told I should become a nurse umpteen times. I have no interest in becoming a nurse! I know that I have some hands-on knowledge and common sense, but I. don’t. want. to. be. a. nurse. Thank you.

I’ve been either too busy or frustrated to blog lately. My mom spent a week and a half in the hospital (she’s been home a week today) and came out much better than when she came in. They were able to improve the circulation in her leg with a simple procedure, and the edema is gone. Everything is back to a normal schedule except for daily dressing changes to the wounds on her legs. They’re healing nicely and I’m hoping soon it will be down to only one leg to fix up every day.

Tomorrow is Christmas eve. I can’t say that its come along quickly because I’ve been bored with nothing to do. I’ve baked cookies, done some knitting, kept the house neat, and managed to totally screw up my sleeping schedule. Now that’s an exciting month, right? Next I get to cook Christmas dinner. Yay.

I wish you all a safe and merry Christmas. Enjoy your family and friends, be gracious, and be good.

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