taking care and feeling evil

My mom is back in the hospital, largely because of me. I called her doctor, the one who wanted her in there in the first place from fluid retention, and asked him to admit her. She agreed reluctantly, but at least she is there getting dialysis to remove the fluid, and she has a wound care teak taking care of her infected legs. I know she’s not happy in there, but she’s not happy at home either.

Her vascular surgeon was in to see her Tuesday night, because she has circulation issues too. He was checking out her legs, looking for a pulse, and sent her out for a scan to see how the flow really is. I spoke to him briefly away from my mom, and he told me if the circulation as bad has he fears, she may lose her left leg. Apparently she saw him this morning and he told her the circulation is really bad but she told me he didn’t have any plans of treatment, which I believe was a fib on her part.

I’ll go see her in a later today. Maybe I can find something out then. But the point of this, boys and girls, its take care of your bodies! You don’t want to lose pieces of it because you didn’t take care.

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