nurse heather, not.

Seriously, over the past year especially, I’ve been told I should become a nurse umpteen times. I have no interest in becoming a nurse! I know that I have some hands-on knowledge and common sense, but I. don’t. want. to. be. a. nurse. Thank you.

I’ve been either too busy or frustrated to blog lately. My mom spent a week and a half in the hospital (she’s been home a week today) and came out much better than when she came in. They were able to improve the circulation in her leg with a simple procedure, and the edema is gone. Everything is back to a normal schedule except for daily dressing changes to the wounds on her legs. They’re healing nicely and I’m hoping soon it will be down to only one leg to fix up every day.

Tomorrow is Christmas eve. I can’t say that its come along quickly because I’ve been bored with nothing to do. I’ve baked cookies, done some knitting, kept the house neat, and managed to totally screw up my sleeping schedule. Now that’s an exciting month, right? Next I get to cook Christmas dinner. Yay.

I wish you all a safe and merry Christmas. Enjoy your family and friends, be gracious, and be good.

taking care and feeling evil

My mom is back in the hospital, largely because of me. I called her doctor, the one who wanted her in there in the first place from fluid retention, and asked him to admit her. She agreed reluctantly, but at least she is there getting dialysis to remove the fluid, and she has a wound care teak taking care of her infected legs. I know she’s not happy in there, but she’s not happy at home either.

Her vascular surgeon was in to see her Tuesday night, because she has circulation issues too. He was checking out her legs, looking for a pulse, and sent her out for a scan to see how the flow really is. I spoke to him briefly away from my mom, and he told me if the circulation as bad has he fears, she may lose her left leg. Apparently she saw him this morning and he told her the circulation is really bad but she told me he didn’t have any plans of treatment, which I believe was a fib on her part.

I’ll go see her in a later today. Maybe I can find something out then. But the point of this, boys and girls, its take care of your bodies! You don’t want to lose pieces of it because you didn’t take care.

shoulda woulda

I should have gone along with my mom to her Doctors appointment yesterday. I knew I should. I left a message with his nurse regarding concerns I had, and he did call me later to let me know his thoughts. He thinks she needs to be in the hospital for more thorough dialysis because she’s retaining way too much fluid. They try to keep a constant of how much they remove with each dialysis treatment, but her stint in the hospital in October got her off track.
Apparently she said no. He talked to my dad and he “shook his head” so I told the good doctor that I would see what I could do, because if I’d been there I would have said yes, put her in the hospital and get this problem under control. I don’t know why her doctor made it “optional” except for the fact that she would qualify for home health care.
Now she is going to undergo four hours of dialysis for five days. It may make a dent but its not going to fix it. My dad is at his wits end hauling her to dialysis with the wheelchair and having to help her get around so much. I think not only for her health but her safety, she really should be in the hospital.

Trying to be the voice of reason sucks.

December 1st

The tree is up, decorated, and presents have been placed beneath it. Ninety-eight percent of shopping is done. The lights are up outside, the rest of the house is nearly decorated. My Christmas cards went out in the mail today, I have a good start on gifts for neighbors (shhh, I’m knitting little snowmen to give with cookies), I’m going to have time to sit back, and relax. But I won’t. Instead, I’ll worry about the tree dying, the arthritis I’m getting from knitting, the power bill, along with the things I worry about every day. I am just programmed to not physically or mentally be able to relax, and I HATE that.

Thanksgiving went by just fine. I presented a perfectly cooked, golden, juicy, turkey. A couple of other things could have gone better but the turkey was awesome. I felt like I’d done well. When I crawled into bed that night, I realized exactly how much tension I’d been carrying through the week, especially that day, and it was quite frankly a bit frightening. You know, maybe I should consider it ok to have a glass of wine once in a while. Who knows.

Currently the house is quiet, peaceful. Nobody else home making noise. I like these times. They seem so few and far between. I think I’ll try to enjoy.