And then I thought . . .

I’d rather be cooking Thanksgiving for a larger family, or not cooking at all! I’m cooking for three, one of them doesn’t even like turkey, the other won’t eat dressing (stuffing, call it what you want). I suggested Cornish game hens, but I received an emphatic “no!” from non-turkey person and “turducken” from the anti-stuffing side. Actually, anti-stuffing person is really hung up on turducken. He needs to go hang out with John Madden, or Paula Deen.
Now all I can do is think about all of the disasters possible, the “sure I’ll help” that will never comes through, rushing around the kitchen like a crazy person while things burn or under-cook. I am currently terrified of this Thursday because, even though I’ve pulled it off before, my spirit is just broken. Anti-stuffing person cares about a Thanksgiving meal, so that should really set my tone.

My moods are just going through a lack of confidence phase. I think they should sit it out in the corner.

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