oink barf and other things

We made it through H1N1 without casualties, which is amazing considering the health of my parents. Since my mother got out of the hospital she’s been having trouble walking. I have NO idea why (especially since she gets around fine when nobody is “watching”). My dad still has this horrible hacking cough, but what can you expect when someone who was diagnosed with throat cancer last year, had a laryngectomy but refused radiation, continues to smoke and drink. I have little doubt the cancer was not fully removed through surgery and has spread.

I’m trying very hard to plan out the holidays so they go smoothly and I don’t die from stress. I’d actually like to attempt to enjoy it, and bake cookies. I am getting some help from my son, but I made the mistake of letting him get Modern Warfare before the work I wanted him to do was done.

I lost the rest somewhere in my head, probably behind the ache.

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