how to get back on a broken bike

Clearly. Blog fail.

I deleted that other post because it was so presumptuous. Setting rules for myself and others who may come to my blog? Seriously? Who the eff am I to set rules, ’cause I sure don’t live by many. This is what it is-a blog. A place to share happiness, frustration, questions, random OMG’s, and yes, bitching. Quite possibly a lot.

What else can I tell you? I knit. I have personal issues coming out of my ears. I don’t smoke and drink very rarely. I still haven’t moved past a break-up with the man I thought I was going to marry (and that happened three and a half years ago). I have a sixteen-year-old son. I have a wonderful camera that I barely use because I’m just not inspired by the “scenery” that surrounds me. I (try to) run a household, not a happy one, but a household made up of my son, my parents, who both have serious and ultimately fatal conditions, one cat, two guinea pigs, and me, right in the middle of the whole circus. And on top of it all, I’m agoraphobic! Seriously! How do all of those things go together without my head exploding?

You want to know what I watch on tv? Criminal Minds, House, Bones, Fringe, and some sports.
What sports do I enjoy playing? Frisbee. Watching? Tennis, some football, and basketball. Is it great to be a Florida Gator? Hell if I know, I’ve had a hatred for the gators since I was ten (long story). Besides, I don’t really have any favorite football teams. Basketball? The Orlando Magic. Tennis? Rafael Nadal. Andy Murray, Juan Martin Del Potro.

Past times? Twitter.
Favorite movie? ummm . . .
Favorite book? errr . . .
Favorite band? Dashboard Confessional

Ok, so there’s a bit of information about me for those who don’t know me, and even those that do. Now it is time to go back to my life–this chair is killing my back, anyway.

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